People don’t hate ads. They hate bad experiences.

That’s why Vimarc creates content that’s relevant, doesn’t interrupt, and adds value for your audience.

What is native advertising? It’s a form of paid media used by brands and companies, which appear in online users’ news feeds and across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). This includes their favorite websites, mobile apps, and social media networks. Native advertising is growing because it helps build better trust and engagement than other digital advertising, such as: display, email, website pop-ups, etc.

Quality content drives a native advertising campaign. There are two main reasons why your brand or company should not produce all of your content in house. For starters, it’s hard to talk about oneself — don’t push unnecessary agendas and lose sight of what your audience wants. It also can be difficult to recruit internal experts because of heavy workloads and conflicting schedules.

As an agency, it is our goal to become a member of your editorial team. Together, we can deliver content to your audience that builds awareness, relevance, and results. 

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