Full-Service Inspiration

Vimarc is a full-service advertising agency made up of people who have one mission - to make you look good. We work hard to deliver smart marketing solutions that help your business grow and become more successful.

Because when you look good...we look good. Take a look around and meet the Vimarc crew - we have lots of great ideas and the skills to make them happen.

our culture

Everyone at Vimarc is committed to making you look good. You can expect tireless effort and a level of expertise that’s more than an agency promise — it’s a personal guarantee from each person here.



With nearly 30 years of healthcare experience under our belt, we have a solid understanding of how to create innovative and effective advertising/marketing for the healthcare industry. From compliance issues to policy issues and how it affects business, our level of knowledge enables us to remain within the guidelines, while at the same time produce breakthrough creative that captures the imagination of the target audience. We have a proven track record with different business lines, with the 50+ and Medicare market and with Dual Eligible marketing. Adept at using traditional and new technology to reach target markets, we are always finding new ways to penetrate the ever-expanding healthcare market.


We are very proud of our work with nonprofits. When we work with a nonprofit we make their cause our own. We commit ourselves to making a difference either by exploring new avenues of fundraising or by creating thought provoking advertising that brings the nonprofit to the forefront of people's attention. Our staff has dozens of years of experience with nonprofits, that's why we are always mindful of costs, understand staffing issues and know how to make every advertising dollar count.

We also maintain the capacity to really listen, to understand as much as we can about the nonprofit so that we can help them find a voice that makes them stand out in the crowd.

tourism & entertainment

Creating a compelling story, that's the key to successful tourism marketing. We tell the story and invite the audience to enjoy the experience firsthand. In fact, in our mind, good storytelling is the key to great attendance. But that's not the end of our tourism skillset. We have expertise in creating compelling fundraising materials and developing imaginative sponsorship programs. We are also very successful at developing targeted marketing campaigns and ensuring that they reach their niche audience. Ever mindful that evolving technology is changing the way people receive information, we have also honed our social media skills so that we can engage our target audience anytime and anywhere.

business to business

Understanding the business mindset is one of the things we do best. We use careful research and analysis to determine both the tone of the messaging and the most effective delivery system for each market. Through our extensive B2B experience, we have gained an awareness of the restrictions within specific industries. We know how to work within those confines while still delivering a compelling and effective marketing message. Our overall aim is to help increase a business's profit margins through effective and creative marketing. We provide a value-for-money service that adds creativity, innovation and business knowhow.



Celebrating the Louisville Cardinals’ National Championship


To celebrate the Louisville Cardinals’ National Championship, Vimarc Communications Specialist Taylor Roby came up with the idea to create a commemorative Deck of Cards. Cheers to production artist T.J. Bean for bringing the idea to life!

Vimarc Collects Finals Survival Kit Supplies


As part of the Mayor’s Week of Caring, a Kentucky Derby Festival event running from April 13-21, Vimarc collected supplies for the Family Scholar House. The supplies will be packed into kits to help the 167 single parent students at Family Scholar House survive their finals. Vimarc staff contributed supplies, as did friends of Vimarc, as well as Starbucks, and people from Webster and Ottawa Universities. About 35 people made contributions, which counts towards Mayor Greg Fischer’s’ 2013 goal to have 100,000 Louisvillians committing Acts of Compassion during this week. Thanks to everyone who helped us out!