We cause traffic jams on the road less traveled.

Driving traffic. Filling hotel rooms. Selling tickets. While these are the most obvious goals, they’re merely one piece of the tourism and entertainment puzzle. The days of simply putting up billboards and printing brochures are long gone. Today’s tourism & entertainment marketing requires far more than a listing of what to see and when to do it — you have to sell the experience.

Vimarc does this by tapping into audiences’ emotional wants and needs. Always conscious of the best way to make an impression, we use a mix of new and traditional media to target your audiences where they are. With unique promotions and targeted messaging, we put your experience at the forefront of visitors’ minds.  

Targeting consumers is extremely important, but it’s just as important to keep your partners happy (board members, sponsors, partners and local chambers of commerce). Creating strategies that appease all parties while maintaining effective messaging is all part of this industry’s balancing act. Luckily, Vimarc has had our fair share of practice. From towns and distilleries to festivals and restaurants, Vimarc has consistently made waves and filled seats in memorable fashion.

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