When the need is bigger than the engagement.

When Vimarc partners with a nonprofit, the first thing we do is make their cause our own. With dozens of years of nonprofit experience, we know that if we’re going to make a real difference, we first must learn an organization and their cause inside and out. It’s just the first step in creating meaningful and persuasive messages that empower even the smallest voices.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges all nonprofits face are limited resources. Not only do we efficiently stretch every dollar beyond its normal reach, we pitch in by providing our clients with helping hands to get the job done. Because together, we can achieve more.

With so many worthy causes tugging at each potential donor, it’s more important than ever to have a strategic and cohesive marketing plan. From campaign development to tactical deployment, we create impactful and compelling narratives that are relevant to new and current donors.

But it often doesn’t end there; Vimarc understands all of the needs and hurdles that nonprofits face. Whether it’s event planning, program development or website design, Vimarc has seen and done it all. But so have other agencies. So what makes Vimarc different?

The difference is that Vimarc is more than a vendor, we’re a trusted partner, teammate, and advocate. When it comes to creating successful marketing strategies, being a nonprofit is a nonissue.  

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