increasing e-commerce sales

King’s Body Jewelry is a company for the modified, by the modified. Whether someone is just starting to stretch their ears, or have lobes big enough to fit an arm through, KBJ has all the goods its customers need. Users visit from all over the world because it delivers quality goods at fair prices. King’s Body Jewelry and Vimarc joined forces to amplify the platform’s online presence and increase E-commerce sales.

Our teams began by analyzing data and determining where the most loyal customers were coming from and how they were purchasing. Since then, we’ve deployed a variety of messages and ad tactics, which include: search engine marketing, Google Shopping, social media, retargeting and influencer outreach. The research hasn’t stopped. King’s Body Jewelry continues to evaluate customer interactions and utilizes dynamic creative in order to serve the right ads at the right time to the right people. This has led to increased sales each month since beginning the campaign.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 11.01.34 AM.png
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Since sitting down with the Vimarc team during our discovery meeting, we were instantly confident in the partnership. Vimarc provided a solid, strategic plan that proved to be a success right out of the gate. The team is honest, transparent and bright. We are thrilled with the continued results our small business is experiencing.
— Austin Beard, King's Body Jewelry