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Far too often, business-to-business messaging reflects corporate culture a little too much. Marketers often forget that sitting behind every corner office desk is a decision maker who drinks Diet Coke, dines at Taco Bell, and covets the next iPhone. So whether we’re marketing automotive components, fiber optics, or insurance, we’re still speaking to ordinary people. At Vimarc, B2B advertising doesn't have to include stuffy, corporate language; it just needs to influence behavior.

And how do we do that? Well, it all depends on whom we’re talking to. Because for every B2B company, customers are just the tip of the audience iceberg. 

Suppose a company has one key message that must be communicated to all of their audiences. That may include customers, employees, partners, board members, and stakeholders – all very distinct groups who speak the industry lingo in very different ways. That’s where Vimarc comes in. 

We not only translate messages so that each audience can understand it, we find and speak to them using the most relevant vehicles. As an extension of our clients’ marketing departments, Vimarc communicates to audiences in every facet of corporate communications – corporate events, internal communication programs, annual reports, as well as trade show strategies & booth design. 

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