As experts in marketing, it's our job to become experts in everything. Part of being successful in advertising involves learning about other industries. We function like a reporter, and you're the subject of our next piece. We meet with you, dive into your business, learn the ins and outs, ask the right questions, then sift through that information to find the gripping bits that help build your strategy. 

So even if we're not experts in your industry, never fear. Because we are experts in marketing, which means we get to know our clients' industries like the back, front, knuckle and cuticle of our very own hand. That being said, a large part of our current portfolio consists of the following industries:



For 30 years, Vimarc has created communications solutions for almost every facet of the ever-changing, ever-expanding healthcare industry. To most, it may seem impossible to capture imaginations and still adhere to compliance and policy guidelines. But it can be done. In fact, yours truly knows how to do it. We even do it for segmented audiences, specializing in the 50+, Medicare, and dual-eligible markets. 


When Vimarc partners with a nonprofit, the first thing we do is make their cause our own. With dozens of years of nonprofit experience, we've learned how to overcome their usual staffing and budget restrictions. That's why we do everything we can to make sure every dollar spent goes far beyond its normal reach. By exploring new avenues of fundraising and creating thought-provoking advertising, we bring issues and solutions to the forefront of people's attention.



Festivals, tourism groups, attractions, towns, and cities. To effectively market these groups, it takes more than a list of details about what to see and when to do it. Sure, it's important to communicate specifics. But we first must communicate the emotions that people experience. Once we do that, we share the details through traditional advertising, compelling fundraising, imaginative sponsorships, and savvy social media skills. 


We have a little secret about B2B. Every business audience is actually made of... consumers! Whether we're marketing axles to car manufacturers or fiber optics to business owners, we're still speaking to people who drink Diet Coke, use iPhones, and dine at Taco Bell. B2B advertising doesn't have to include stuffy, corporate design with copy that doesn't use contractions. It just has to create an emotional connection that influences behavior.