Here they are. The faces of all the players that make the Vimarc team. And on this team, there are zero benchwarmers. Because each project Vimarc tackles can’t be completed by just one person. It takes a well-rounded, collaborative village of problem solvers, daydreamers, negotiators, reputation managers and digital gurus who wear so many hats that the seven-headed beast from the book of Revelations is PMS 347 with envy.

If you’re stopping by for a visit, take a screenshot of this here grid of grins and you’ve got yourself an automatic Vimarc Bingo card. As you see each employee, just blacken in their teeth. For those that are barely cracking a smile and not showing any choppers, just consider them a FREE SPACE. Get four across, six down or a postage stamp and you get a lifetime of free, noncombative revisions.*

*Offer only applies for meetings held at Vimarc offices on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.