Soak up some Vimarc culture

Work moms. Work husbands. Work bros. Work cousins. We got ’em all.

It sounds cliché, but we’re a close-knit bunch that pretty much operates as a family. Now this might seem like the perfect opportunity to insert a joke about being dysfunctional, but that joke simply won’t stick. Because this family is THE definition of function. Seriously, this group of go-getters go and get… stuff… done. This well-oiled machine couldn’t possibly be any more lubricated.

So yeah, we’re passionate, driven and hard-working; but we’re also flexible, relaxed and social. Translation: We work hard; we play hard. At Vimarc, we’ve created a culture that’s more than having a job. It’s about having a career. And a life. Because let’s face it, people spend more waking hours at their place of employment than they do their own home. So that’s what this place needs to feel like. Home.


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How many times have you watched a testimonial video that’s accompanied with the overenthusiastic voiceover that says “But you don’t have to take our word for it”?

Well guess what - you CAN take our word for it. In this video, you’ll find a curated collection of Vimarc employees sharing what makes the Vimarc culture: the atmosphere, the possibilities, the freedom, the camaraderie, the opportunities, the Friday afternoon toasts, and the Inaugural National Hot Dog Day Celebration.

It all contributes to what some Vimarc employees have experienced: the Boomerang effect … many who leave – often come back.

Working at Vimarc has helped me grow as a designer. It’s a place where my team members are my friends and I enjoy walking in every day. Plus my boss wears a Slayer shirt like three outta the five work days, so you know he’s cool.
— David Welker, Production Artist



Vimarc Inspiration

Inspiration. It’s a super power that can originate from anywhere or anything. It can come from the colors of nature, the stories of an elderly neighbor, the shenanigans of a toddler, graffiti on a bathroom wall… this list can go on and on. And right here is where you’ll find what inspires us.

Agency life is hectic, but it’s also fun! There are always social activities where we can connect with our coworkers. Vimarc knows it’s important for us to have balanced lives, so they make that a priority.
— Beth Welch, Assistant Account Executive



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