Anatomy of a Boomer: Part 4

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Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a six-part blog series, covering key items marketers need to know when targeting Baby Boomers (individuals 50 years and older).

Tips for getting to know Boomers without blowing the budget (outside of reading this series)

The 50+ market has diverse and expansive media consumption habits. As the audience is segmented and messages are created, it is imperative they be positioned with precision to increase effectiveness.

Make an effort to get to know who you are targeting in relation to your specific industry. Dig in to figure out more about them than what general statistics tell you. Learn about how they spend their days, what they worry about, who they spend time with, and what they are looking forward to. Get to know them like you get to know your friends. And here’s why … Boomers will listen to you, interact with you, and choose you if they feel good about you. They will respond when your product or service becomes relevant to them.

There are clearly Boomers who mirror national statistics; however, ignoring the other segments of the 50+ population will diminish your opportunities for success. For example, don’t limit your marketing plans only to traditional media. Boomers represent one-third of the 195.3 million U.S. Internet users, and a majority of those people purchase from e-retailers. However, be wise when targeting across multiple devices. The 50+ demographic is more prone to using desktops compared to mobile (Pew Research Center says only 36 percent of Boomers own a smartphone). 

Think like a Vimarcian

So, how do you get to know your customers … and more important, how do you get to know them without investing significant dollars in research?

  • Place a Craigslist advertisement for members of the 50+ group to participate in small focus groups or telephone interviews.
  • Gather information using a brief Survey Monkey questionnaire forwarded to members of your target market through staff, friends, family or social media.
  • Join live or online groups Boomers are affiliated with related to your business or industry to garner valuable insight into attitudes, behaviors and motivations.
  • Volunteer with organizations that may be aligned with the types of products or services you offer to build connections with and learn more about your prospect. 

Once you better understand the 50+ individuals you are attempting to reach, you can develop a connection to influence buying behavior and expand your business.

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