The world isn’t flat, why should your B2B promotions be?

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People have always been fascinated with trompe l'oeil or "art that tricks the eye." From Salvador Dali’s Melting Watch to any number of Julian Beever’s pavement perspectives, human beings love visuals that deceive our senses.

Melting Watch  by Salvador Dali

Melting Watch by Salvador Dali

Swimming-Pool In The High Street  by Julian Beever

Swimming-Pool In The High Street by Julian Beever

Today, 3D projection mapping is quickly becoming the latest trend in this awe-inspiring tradition.

Wait. Back up. What exactly is 3D mapping again?

3D mapping, or projection mapping, is when regular old video projectors use new technology to cast images, videos, or lights onto non-flat, non-white surfaces. It turns irregularly shaped objects (like buildings or landscapes) into mind-bending display surfaces for continuous projections. 

Most interestingly, 3D mapping is frequently used on structures and objects created for the sole purpose of being projected on. Check out this video from Bot & Dolly. It was created without any special effects (no lie). It depicts a performer engaging with a continuously morphing set. At the end, the video reveals that hyper-precise robotic mechanisms were actually behind every illusion.

Now, imagine what you could do with this kind of technology to promote your own brand, event, or project. The business possibilities (and business-to-business opportunities) are literally ENDLESS.

Introducing new technology? Map it out!

At Vimarc, we get really excited when we find new ways to get people’s attention and 3D mapping is more and more frequently emerging as a powerful, flexible, scalable solution for our clients. In fact, one of our favorite 3D mapping projects was recently completed for the grand opening of American Axle & Manufacturing’s (AAM) $30 million Advanced Technology Development Center in Detroit, MI.

As a key feature in the soon-to-open R&D facility, AAM wanted to showcase their latest technological achievements, ultimately enticing potential B2B buyers who visited (in this case, automotive manufacturers). One such technology was SYLENT, a product designed to improve a car’s aluminum driveshaft performance by reducing operational noise as well as the system’s overall physical weight for better fuel efficiency.

So we built a stunning 3D projection map for the lobby – one that visually and audibly simulated SYLENT technology in action. Check out a quick video and photo gallery of our creative development process here:

Imagination is the only limitation

With 3D mapping, creatives can produce almost any conceivable visual concept imaginable. It is important to note, however, that the success with these kinds projects is contingent on assembling the right kind of content. They require strong artistic vision tempered by deft technological experience. Luckily, Vimarc employs a versatile staff of specialists who can help point you in the right direction.

A blank canvas can be a blessing and a curse. If you’re looking for inspiration, talk to us! →

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