New Agency Service: Facial Recognition for Client Approvals

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The client-agency relationship is a constant conversation. 

Requests are given, items are produced, edits are made, and projects get approved.

At Vimarc, we understand this is an outdated process. Our clients are looking for easier ways to communicate. That’s why we created our own facial recognition software called V-acial Approval®.

Through this new technology, clients are able to quickly approve and/or edit materials through facial expressions. All devices and operating systems are accepted.

“This will change the way agencies and clients communicate,” Vimarc President/CEO Richmond Simpson said. “I want to thank our entire staff for making this product a reality. I even use the software at home. Now, I can finally understand what my wife is thinking. I haven’t been in trouble since.”

To better understand V-acial Approval®, check out the list of facial expressions below and their automatic responses in our system. As you can tell, neither the client nor the agency will be able to hide behind “proper” business language or have to “read between the lines.”


Additional software perks include:

Automatic Agency Access – clients are able to scan their faces upon arrival at our office location, which will trigger the front and back doors to automatically open.


No More Waiting in the Lobby – if your account rep hasn’t greeted you yet, use the V-acial Approval® kiosk at the center of our office to request their presence.

Don’t believe us?

Well, for today only, we’re giving away V-acial Approval® for FREE.