Anatomy of a Boomer: Part 3


Editor’s Note: This is the third in a six-part blog series, covering key items marketers need to know when targeting Baby Boomers (individuals 50 years and older).

To keep your brand 50+-relevant, it must reflect their joie de vivre

Because this audience believes they will be active and vital for many years to come, marketers should fashion their marketing strategy to complement this belief, whether it is with products, services or marketing strategies.

  • Appeal to the audience’s sense of adventure, independence and freedom. They are largely in the prime of their lives, so playing that up is appropriate.
  • Social media continues to rise. In 2011, Baby Boomers increased their usage by 60 percent, so it is important your branding extends beyond your website and into other prominent domains (ex. Facebook, Google+ and YouTube).

Boomers are curious. Feed their curiosity.

Be respectful of the audience: 

  • Give them information so they can make informed decisions.
  • Don’t make them look or feel old.
  • Educate them on new products or technologies without using satire, which they may interpret as being disrespectful.
  • Take into account the effects of aging when designing anything for this audience — whether it is office space / environments, marketing materials, packaging, presentations, etc.

Give the free-love generation something new to love — your brand!

Consider how difficult a menu can be to read if the type is small with low contrast and high glare on the paper, along with dim lighting at the table. Working to create a frustration-free experience with your brand is important.

Think like a Vimarcian

Below is a mixture of print and outdoor advertisements directed at two different Boomer segments, taking branding into heavy consideration. The Equestrian Lakes campaign targets empty nesters searching for upscale homes, while the Bluegrass Harley-Davidson ads speak to 30- to 55-year-olds seeking adventure, independence and freedom (sound familiar?).

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Equestrian Lakes

Bluegrass Harley Davidson

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