Vimarc Extracurricular Creativity: Charlotte Browning


Senior Account Executive

At Vimarc, creativity flows in more places than the Creative Department; it flows out of every nook and cranny. And today, you’ll find it in our Account Services Department. 

Charlotte and Knucklehead

Charlotte and Knucklehead

When it started

At 12 years old, Charlotte created her first successful art project – a very appropriate sculpture for junior high students – an ashtray. Her teacher took notice while other kids asked, “How’d you do that?”

Knucklehead and Baby

Knucklehead and Baby

When it took off

During high school, she perfected her craft at The Pots Place of Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she invented her very first signature creation;  The Knucklehead! In Charo’s* words, “These whimsical creatures and their playful attitudes remind all of us that our outlook on life should include some frivolity!”

Knucklehead Group

Knucklehead Group


You can find Charlotte’s one-of-a-kind Knuckleheads and other functional creations, such as vases, bowls, flower pots, hanging wall planters, valet trays and even the occasional cigarette accessory, at the following galleries: 

  • Mahonia Studio & AA Clay Studio (both in Louisville)

  • Miss Lucille’s Marketplace (Clarksville, TN)

  • Gallery 916 (Bowling Green, KY)

  • Various festivals, art openings and galleries

Loving Charlotte's work? Her Facebook has more, or check out the gallery from her Instagram.

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