Account Services #TwitterTakeover

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Vimarc Assistant Account Executive Tim Smith is extremely busy these days. Not only is he currently working hard on hundreds of Annual Election Period (AEP) projects, but he's also expecting his first child in less than two months.

Smith's stellar work has propelled him through our office ranks. His forward thinking and strategic planning, as well as his dedication to detail and goal-oriented way of working, have produced very successful results. Tim's clients include Humana, Horizon Telcom and AAM, among others.

His attitude and resume (plus having a cool car) are major reasons why the Vimarc blog asked Tim to "take over" our company Twitter handle yesterday (Oct. 21). Below is a recap of Tim's #TwitterTakeover tweets. They offer a great behind-the-scenes look at how our account services team works on a daily basis.

Please note: Vimarc does NOT condone tweeting and driving.

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