5 Tips for Creating a Kicka$$ Office Culture

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As a three-time finalist of Business First’s Best Places to Work contest, there is one thing that Vimarc takes seriously – culture. We’re a close-knit and collaborative team. We thrive on and are inspired by the energy, positivity, and creativity that our work environment manifests. And contrary to the industry standard, our people come … and they stay.

A positive culture doesn’t just happen. We work hard at making Vimarc a great place to be. But the extra effort is worth it! Office culture can have a tremendous impact on employee retention, job satisfaction, company morale, performance and productivity, and talent recruitment.

Here are our top tips for creating an office culture that rocks.

#1: make it fun

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Create opportunities for employees to interact and develop relationships that go beyond projects and deadlines. Host social events during and outside of office hours to encourage personal connections, camaraderie, and team building.

At Vimarc, we have a committee devoted solely to developing monthly events and activities for our staff to enjoy together. Chili cook-offs, field days, ghost tours, charitable acts, baseball games, weight loss challenges, happy hours … you name it, they’ve planned it.

#2: Create a Culture of Accountability

Let’s be honest, does anyone like to be micromanaged? Hint: No. Creating an environment where people feel responsible for doing what is right starts at the top and trickles down. Managers must provide the proper guidance and training to allow employees to feel supported and capable, but in turn, they must trust their staff to be accountable for their work and decisions.

Vimarc’s projects are often driven by client deadlines and expectations that we must work together to achieve. We’ve learned that our people feel a responsibility to do their best not just for themselves and their clients, but also for their teammates.

#3: Place Emphasis on Hiring the Right People

Recruiting the right talent can be time-intensive and expensive. However, hiring the wrong person can cost more. Prior to engaging in the interviewing process, determine the qualities and attributes that are mandatory for success not only in the position, but also in your culture. Incorporate steps or methods in your hiring process to determine if a candidate meets those expectations.

No hiring decision at Vimarc is made in a vacuum. We invite candidates to meet with various agency contacts to ensure their qualifications and personality are the right fit.

#4: Show Appreciation

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A little thanks goes a long way. Whether your system is formal or informal, it’s important to regularly acknowledge your staff’s big wins or extra efforts. Even employees who don’t relish in the limelight will appreciate that you’ve noticed their contributions. 

Displays of gratitude are a staple in our culture at Vimarc. Staff members are recognized by both management and each other in company meetings, staff emails, a rotating award (The Mavric), and unexpected incentives and rewards.

#5: Create a Forum for Feedback


Listening to the thoughts and opinions of employees has the potential to make a good company great. Not only does it increase job satisfaction, it creates opportunities to uncover ideas that can truly make an impact. Create a culture in which staff members feel comfortable and empowered to share their input and critique.

Vimarc principals operate with an open-door policy. Feedback and ideas are always welcome! Regardless of role, employees and their opinions are valued as our greatest asset. In addition, departmental managers host biweekly meetings with their team to review workload, answer questions, and discuss concerns or issues.

Looking for a kicka$$ culture to call home? Or an agency partner that feels like family?

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