Utilizing YouTube as a Tourism Marketing Strategy


Visualizing destinations is important to tourists. That’s why YouTube is a valuable tourism marketing tool. In fact, it’s the second-largest search engine in the world with over 1.5 billion users each month, creating high potential for brands to get their messages across to millions of users.

Here are some strategies and examples that will benefit your tourism efforts on the world’s most popular video-sharing platform.

Content Quality

Is your content worth watching? Investing time and money is worth the cost. A survey from Verizon Digital Media shows that 85% of people expect TV-like quality from videos they watch online. It is equally valuable to showcase your videos as soon as users click your page. Holiday World provides an excellent example of a well-made featured video that introduces audiences to the park.

Search Optimization

Optimize your videos for search traffic by including keywords your audiences are likely to use. For example, destination names account for 71% of travel video searches. Including these words in video titles and descriptions can help increase traffic to your brand. Disney Parks provides an example, using a popular hashtag in the title of their video.

Calls to Action

Get audiences to engage with your content by adding calls to action. Consider using arrows that point to subscription buttons below the video, as well as annotations that link to outside sources, such as your company website. Universal Studios Hollywood showcases this strategy with calls to action throughout its videos — in addition to a watermark for its brand that appears in the bottom corner of the video.

Utilizing Influencers/Video Blogging

Online influencers are valuable in the travel world, with vlogs receiving more social engagement than any other form of tourism content. The more authentic and personalized the videos are, the more likely younger audiences will engage with the content and brand. Vloggers such as Ankit Bhatia create videos that inspire viewers to embark on their own trips.

- Andrew Crum

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