Why Audio Content Marketing Could Be the Future


Audio content marketing is on a meteoric rise. Spending on audio advertising alone is expected to exceed $30 billion by next year. Audio content is beneficial for companies and brands because it’s extremely easy for consumers to access.

Here are a few reasons why audio content marketing has the potential to become one of the most necessary tools in your marketing arsenal.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, have slowly integrated into millions of households, and the number of globally installed speakers is set to top 200 million by the end of the year. Advertising through smart speakers is intimate and allows users to engage with your company/brand in a faster manner.

In a report from Adobe, 39% of customers said that an audio ad led them to buy what was being advertised, while 32% said they would enjoy a celebrity voice option on their smart device. This approach has recently been tested with Google Home’s John Legend voice activation, which gives users the option to have the popular singer’s voice answer their questions. 


Podcasts are becoming more popular with marketers because they’re an easily digested form of content. Advertisements can either be sponsored messages within a particular podcast, or the podcast itself can be branded, such as ZipRecruiter’s Rise and Grind. Branded podcasts also build a level of trust and are a form of native advertising.

Streaming Music and Branded Playlists

Streaming services and music platforms can be valuable tools for audio marketing. While most online music services provide premium ad-free subscriptions with a monthly fee, companies can find unique ways to attract listeners, such as creating playlists revolving around their brand.

KFC provides a great example of this strategy by developing a playlist of songs that mention the KFC brand within the lyrics. This promotes KFC as a fun and laid-back brand that can interact with their audience in a modern way.

- Andrew Crum

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