Do Customer Testimonials Work in B2B Marketing?


Positive word-of-mouth goes a long way because it plays a big role in whether or not a business succeeds in selling to its consumers. A study found that 88% of those surveyed trusted online reviews and testimonials to determine the quality of a product. However, is it the same for business to business (B2B) marketing?

In B2B transactions, the purchaser wants to know that they can truly trust the product. Customer testimonials are considered to be one of the most effective content marketing strategies by 89% of B2B marketers , along with case studies, so knowing how to properly provide and promote testimonials is key to your business’s success. Here are a few techniques in which testimonials can be utilized to benefit your company.

Video Testimonials

Customers may not be able to get a true grasp on the potential success of a product until they can visualize it. Videos that focus on satisfied customers and their positive feedback can give a clearer view of a product. Codecademy provides a vivid example of how its product affects customers through the use of video. Video is especially important for millennials, who prefer it over text.

Social Media

Utilizing social platforms to showcase testimonials can help as well. Quoting satisfied customers and linking to more thorough reviews is simple. This allows them to be shared in a quick and easy fashion. An excellent example of this is WeWork, which effectively uses Instagram as a tool to promote customer satisfaction. Monitoring your company’s social media accounts closely and having a fast response rate is equally important, as other companies can see your dedication and loyalty.

Creating Incentives

B2B companies need to respect and value their customers’ time. That’s why creating incentives for their clients to submit testimonials is important. Incentives can push individuals to provide more extensive testimonials and reviews. Some of the biggest B2B brands, such as Intel, provide loyalty programs where customers are incentivized to promote and purchase the product.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to Google’s SEO rankings, review signals count for nearly 10% of the total factors. As you begin to receive positive star ratings, Google will favor your site and your traffic will increase. Your customers’ testimonials are a form of content and the keywords they use will benefit your SEO as well.

- Andrew Crum


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