What makes Vimarc a great place to work?

Vimarc was honored by Louisville Business First on Aug. 3 as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville – an awards program recognizing Louisville-area employers who are creating positive work environments for their employees. Our agency also earned the same distinction in 2018 and 2019.


And of course, I agree. Vimarc is an awesome place to work! But why do I feel that way?

My curiosity here is primarily intriguing because agencies in this business have a long-standing reputation for being pretty awful places to work. They’re known for being fast-paced and high-stress, for demanding long hours and offering bad pay. And on top of all that, they expect their employees to crank out creative genius-type work at the drop of a hat.

The juxtaposition got me thinking about what it is that makes me like Vimarc so much. And what came to mind were all those small, random moments along the way where I thought, “No WAY would this be happening if I worked somewhere else…but I love it!”

Louisville Business First - Best Places to Work Breakfast

Louisville Business First - Best Places to Work Breakfast


The following are just a few of the highlights from these last two years (and I encourage you to think of your own):

  1. I won my very first Spelling Bee during a Vimarc teambuilding workshop.

  2. Last week’s “Lunch & Learn” was a presentation on Virtual Reality – no, really! – and there are more sessions where that one came from, happening all the time.

  3. In my first month with Vimarc, the Social Committee hosted a chili cook-off, a holiday ornament exchange, AND announced plans for a springtime trip to Churchill Downs.

  4. I get the inside scoop every year on awesome local events like the Kentucky Bourbon Festival and the Kentucky Derby Festival, both of whom are Vimarc clients.

  5. The annual Halloween videos


So, what really makes Vimarc different from other agencies?  They seem to really care about what makes their people happy – a smart approach for organizations whose biggest capital is their people.

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