An Agency with Purpose

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About a year ago, after spending the better part of a decade working at high-profile PR firms in New York City and Washington, DC, I made the decision to move back to my home state of Kentucky.

That decision was partly rooted in a personal desire to be closer to my family, but was more motivated by a growing sense of professional dissatisfaction with big-firm agency life. Over the years, I had grown weary of the intense competition and endless politicking. I felt smothered by an air of greed and pessimism that seemed to pervade big-dollar, for-profit client work.

The reality is, marketing is an industry in flux. Creative agencies – marketing, public relations, and advertising alike – find that their successes are intimately intertwined with their clients’ successes. This has created a constant demand for agencies to show tangible, measurable results which means profit is often more important than finding new, innovative solutions.

In a nutshell, my career was feeling more churn-and-burn than focused on originality, and I knew I wanted more. In relocating to Louisville, my top job-hunting priority was to reintroduce passion into my career.

Within five minutes of my first interview, I intuitively picked up why Vimarc felt different than other agencies. I found the strong sense of community and mission-first ethos that permeated the office to be extremely attractive and, as the interview went on, it became clear to me that Vimarc represents clients because they truly believe in the good they embody, not because of they cash they might bring in.  

I was also galvanized by the people who would eventually become my colleagues. Vimarc invests in a staff with diverse experiences, skill sets, and viewpoints. They sit on various nonprofit boards across the Bluegrass and they happily donate personal resources, time, and money to positive local causes. Vimarc’s people are all dedicated to ensuring that great clients with great missions get the marketing hearts and brains they deserve.

I’ve always believed that the power of persuasion can – and should – be used to motivate others and promote good causes. And in the end, I know I found the right agency for me because I can feel the passion behind the work. Everything we have done, are currently doing, and will do in the future makes a difference.

Vimarc is an agency that proudly wears passion on its sleeves.

 - Mary Smith

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