Behind the Scenes: 2016 Kentucky Bourbon Festival Theme

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This year marks the 25th annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and that’s something to celebrate.

The committed and talented bourbon aficionados of Bardstown’s Kentucky Bourbon Festival will meet once again. Their job? Ensuring that the weeklong event fills the hearts – and glasses – of bourbon lovers around the world.

To drive home the importance of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival reaching its silver anniversary, we etched the number “25” boldly into an all-silver glass to use as the face of this year’s theme. This showcases the timelessness and class that bourbon has represented over the past 227 years.

Since its first distillment in 1789, when Baptist minister Elijah Craig quenched our thirst by inventing America’s signature spirit, the bourbon culture has continued to grow.

Whether you’re in one of now seven bourbon distilleries found in the tiny town of Bardstown, Kentucky or a small dive bar surrounded by millennial trendsetters in New York City, bourbon fanatics run rampant.

This year’s theme truly reflects that. The decanter’s size in comparison to the silver julep glass represents Kentucky Bourbon Festival’s biggest year yet. The glass keeps growing, just like the history and culture of our favorite libation.

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