Vimarc Extracurricular Creativity: Jonathan Klingenfus


Video Editor

For most of us at Vimarc, when we go home, we do something totally different than what we do while sitting at our desks. The same does not apply for our in-house video editor.


Growing up on a farm in Shelbyville, KY, Jonathan wasn’t surrounded by media like kids are today. What he was surrounded by were storytellers. Enamored by the stories of older family friends and relatives, he developed his own knack for storytelling.


While Jonathan was in college, his parents were concerned he couldn’t make a living by fulfilling this dream. Then one afternoon while watching TV, they saw his very first commercial for Houchen’s Grocery. In 30 seconds, they completely changed their mind about Jonathan’s future. The next day, they mailed him a check to cover his rent so he could quit his part-time job and spend more time making films. 


Jonathan first caught Vimarc’s eye at the 2014 Louie Awards, where he won a Gold Louie and the coveted Judge’s Choice Award. He created a 3D video that projected onto the exterior of Louisville’s infamous Waverly Hills.

Here’s what the building usually looks like:

Photo via

Here’s how it appeared to the visitors waiting in line:

Last year, he created a similar 3D projection for the grand re-opening of the Speed Art Museum.


Another of Jonathan’s favorite projects was featured in several film festivals. This semi-autobiographical film tells the story of when he was a child and went to school complaining that something was in his shoe. This film if proof that you really can’t make this stuff up. Take a look at this animated short. Chances are you’ll be able to tell when he begins to exaggerate… just a tad.  


“When putting together a video or story, people have this belief that production value should be top of the line. But before production value, you have to have a good story. Even with a multi-million dollar budget, special effects won’t keep someone from getting distracted. The only way to keep someone’s attention is to tell a compelling story.”


You can see Jonathan’s philosophy at work in his short film Five Minutes from Now, which was created for the 2010 48-Hour Film Project, a contest that is just what its name implies (teams have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film). He acknowledges that the film may not have the best production value, but it totally makes up for it in its clever, comedic storytelling. So much so that it took home awards for Overall Audience Favorite, Best Editing, and Best Use of a Prop. WARNING: If you’re offended by adult, boyish humor, don’t click play. 

To see more of Jonathan’s work, check out his Vimeo page. →

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